Welcome to my site – Paul Gandil cand.psych.aut.

What you can get from me:

Focused personal coaching.

For you who needs some space to explore your potential and to find
better options in your personal life and in your job role.

Consultancy management teams.

For you who wants to strengthen effectiveness of your management team
by creating more openness and unity.

Psychological counselling and therapy.

For you who finds yourself stuck in personal problems and needs a
helping hand to move on in your life.

About me:

I am an experienced psychologist with more than 30 years of experience.
My approach is to listen carefully, followed by challenging you gently and directly.
In my toolbox I have a lot of skills in working with leadership and organisations along with stress management and personal development.

Be welcome to contact me to book an introductory session.


Contact information:


Address: Jeppe Aakjærs Vej 6, 3460 Birkerød

Mobile: +45 21613005

Email: paul@gandil.dk

Or use the contact form here: